Affordable Canvas Art – Accenting the Dining Room

To make a truly original style statement in the dining room, decorated with original works of canvas wall art. While original paintings can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for gallery pieces and masterpieces, affordable options are available that will allow you to create an elegant and unique focal point on a dining room wall.

Finding Discounted Canvas Art

Shop online for discount sites that offer affordable prices on original artwork; compare original prices to discounted offers to be sure that you are getting a good deal. Search under key words like discount canvas art, original canvas art, and clearance canvas art. Free shipping may be available with some offers. In addition to online sources, art shows, resale, and antique stores, craft shows and galleries are also great sources for original artwork in a vast variety of sizes and subjects, framed and frameless. You may find a rare gem at a gallery at a terrific price when existing inventory is discounted to make room for incoming art.

Decorating with Canvas Art

The key to decorating with an original work of art is to link it to other furnishings and style elements in the room. If your dining room is built around a Mediterranean influence, for example, a beautiful original painting of Italy’s Amalfi coast or the sun-drenched isles of Greece would make an excellent focal point above a server or buffet. Choose a piece large enough to make a statement without overwhelming the space and think about colors and fabrics in the room that may complement colors in the painting. An original oil painting adds texture to any room. Play on this texture and complement it with raised tone-on-tone patterns in curtain panels and dining chair fabric.

Frameless canvas art is often designed in a series with several panels contributing to one image. A grouping of panels comprised to create a focal image will not only add decorative value through the images but also through the arrangement of panels on the wall. From contemporary to traditional themes, frameless canvas art can be chosen and arranged to make the most of available wall space, whether it is expansive or modest. Abstract pieces can be arranged horizontally or vertically as you please, to bring a graphically dramatic impact to a contemporary dining room. Frameless canvas art is even more affordable the framed pieces because you are not paying for the addition of a frame. The sides of the frameless panels are painted in the same color as the background of the painting to complete them with a distinctive finish.

Accentuate with Style

Once your canvas art is chosen and displayed, accent it with stylish accents.

  • Candle wall sconces and candlelight on the table will add soft illumination to the artwork, adding a warm ambiance to the room.
  • Wall planters will add more interest to the walls and complement the style and color of the painting. Glass vases hung from mat metal wall holders add a distinctive modern style when used to hold fresh seasonal blooms. Metal wall pockets and wall planters can be filled with fresh or faux flowers, making a dramatic flower arrangement on the wall.
  • Metal wall sculpture or wrought iron wall art that reflects the colors and style of the room will add dimension to space. Use it on an adjoining wall or choose several small pieces to be used in conjunction with canvas art of an appropriate size.
  • Place framed wall mirrors where they will reflect the beauty of your canvas art and multiply its impact.