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Different Ways to Market and Promote Your Art Online

Have you ever thought of the different ways to market and promote your art online? The Internet is a great way to reach many people all over the world. It can be used as a way to sell your art piece, to show others what you have created, and to even put the art online

Abstract Art on Canvas Explained

Canvas is ever-challenging, a blank space to fill with one’s artistic vision. The abstract artist may be formally trained, he may have tackled the challenge of self-training, or he may be someplace in between, but he approaches the canvas the same way each time: What can I do with the question, “What is abstract art

Affordable Canvas Art – Accenting the Dining Room

To make a truly original style statement in the dining room, decorated with original works of canvas wall art. While original paintings can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for gallery pieces and masterpieces, affordable options are available that will allow you to create an elegant and unique focal point on a dining