Tips to Create Perfect Customized Mugs

Coffee mugs, canisters, and tumblers make perfect items as promotional giveaways, gift items, and novelty items. The mugs come in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. They are easily customizable and can be personalized based on your own design. Incorporate your company or brand logo or add fun and colorful patterns to make coffee mugs more interesting while adding mileage to your promotional activity.

Mugs are also easy to handle and ship, you may even arrange for volume orders of these items to be customized and shipped directly to recipients. Here are some tips on how to perfectly customize mugs for your promotional activities or corporate giveaways: -Choose a design that will represent the look and feel of the activity or the company that you are representing. There is a multitude of designs to choose from while options on materials also offer different variations. You may choose a ceramic coffee mug for a more traditional approach, or metallic tumblers for a rather modern feel. There are even plastic tumblers in various shapes and colors for a more sporty and trendy look. -Find ways on how to include your company logo or brand logo prominently. Including your company logo to the gift, the item adds mileage to your promotional activity giveaway. Production is simple and fast and entails very minimal additional cost.


For vinyl printed logos, you may choose to include a single color version of your logo or choose to include a full-color version. Logos can now also be digitally printed on mugs and tumblers, so you need not have to go through a color separation processing stage to have a full-color version of the logo input. -Order in bulk, the higher the volume of items you order, the lesser unit cost you get to enjoy. Logo input processing becomes faster and will cost less as well. -Consider the color themes. Choose the colors of the coffee mugs or tumblers well. Although assorted colors may seem cute and interesting, you also have to consider the color scheme that will look great and in harmony with the colors of your logo. -You may choose to include your website address so that it may somewhat serve as a reminder on how recipients can get in touch with you. Including your complete contact info though may result in a rather cluttered look.

A clean crisp look which includes your logo and website address will work quite well with this promotional item. -For personalized coffee mugs and tumblers, you may include quotations or messages to add fun and interest to the item. Coffee mugs and tumblers are relatively affordable which makes these items perfect promotional giveaways. They last long and can be used every day which adds to the practicality while assuring you of the mileage. Personalize gift items and promotional items to add fun and interest. Customizing mugs and tumblers make a great promotional activity. Production is simple, fast, and easy. Consider ordering in volume quantity, these items can be stored for long periods of time and does not go out of style.